How we dot it ?

The principles that underpin our renovations.

Reenvisioning the idea of living in the city

Every property is carefully selected to offer you the Lisbon you fell in love with, off the beaten path but conveniently close to meeting spots, events areas and little café terraces where you appreciate having a sip of wine.

We are particularly attentive to the homogeneity of the propertie’s surroundings we offer but also to the particular atmosphere a neighbourhood can distil.

It might be revealed by a street curve staging the colourful facades and the beauty of the azulejos, the art of calçada here and there, the fragrance of the eucalyptus or figs you can smell behind a wall, a particular sight around a corner or simply the church bell by a bright sunny afternoon.

What we are after is more than a meticulously designed property, it is your home that we shape.

View our 2 bedrooms apartment with view in Graça

A subtle combination of elements which will make your living environment special, charming and convenient – in a nutshell the place you want your family to live in.

Bringing out Lisbon’s heritage

History, art and culture have shaped Lisbon the way it is today : traditional, proud, attractive and firmly dynamic.

If you look closely while losing yourself in the maze of little streets, you realize that every building has its own story to tell, and so is every property we love to work with.

It gives us great satisfaction to showcase the distinctive Portuguese elements of each home.

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Sometimes it is right on the surface, sometimes it appears unexpectedly like a long buried treasure, and we strive to take advantage of what makes one apartment so different from the others.

By acquiring a property designed by Anne F, you turn the page of a book that has been respectfully restored, and make yourself the storyteller for the years to come. There is no better living environment than the one you feel naturally connected to.

Creating space is a must

Regardless of the size of the apartment, “Conceito de interior by Anne F.” is always looking at a space with a constant motto, almost an obsession: every square meter counts.

We understand space is essential and invest a lot of creativity and time with our partners to meticulously optimize the properties lay out to modern life, household needs and privacy.

We are proud to work with local architects’ offices with whom we have developed a meaningful collaboration and trustful understanding.

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This solid network is a key to success in order to transform with simplicity and without altering the natural values and uniqueness of the properties we put on the market.

Gratification comes when beauty meets quality and functionality.

Renovation means respect

“Conceito de interior by Anne F.” has a passion for renovation. It is simply a matter of respect and beauty.

According to us, there is no better work than when the ancient materials breathe again.

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Our focus on details makes the difference and you will find this in our properties. Aged wood, ceramics, ornamental tiling, stone & marble, inside shutters, ironwork & mouldings are brought back to life whenever possible in a traditional way, well integrated and reused into their new space by local talents. When wear and tear are irreversible, we try to replace identically or redo with modern materials and technics.

We rely on skilled craftsmen who best know the art to make the final touch.

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