Anne Flandrin


Descendant of the famous Hippolyte & Paul Flandrin painters family from the 19th century, she developed very early an interest and passion for arts in all forms. After graduating in law (University Pantheon Assas Paris II), she expressed herself over the last decades in drawings, painting, photography and embraced in the 90’s a career as a movie director and scriptwriter.

She directed 5 movies selected in 37 film festivals, which have been rewarded 5 times.

Over 10 years, she spent her life in between two highly cultural capitals – Paris, France and Moscow, Russia – and developed her skills in Parisian real estate renovation & interior design mostly in historical centers.

In 2016, she established herself in Lisbon-Portugal and cofounded “Conceito de Interior by Anne F.” a company specialised in acquisition, rehabilitation, interior design and promotion of real estate projects.

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